Decorating with Candles

Hey, if you are a fan of candles, you know that candles can make the atmosphere more beautiful to relax and enjoy. Candles can be used on many different occasions. The simplest part is that you can decorate it especially for every occasion.

Candles are much underrated when it comes to decorating. Yes, when the lights go out, they create light. But they also create a romance and a spirit of relaxation. No matter where you decide to use candles, it will create a warmer and more hospitable environment, not just for guests, but for yourself! Group them together, use different heights, use different fragrances, use non-centers and get modern candlesticks ... but it's even more important to look at some funny ways to decorate candles in every room of your home!

The Kitchen

Step into the living room to create a romantic dinner, use the colors and shapes that match your contemporary or vintage kitchen design, use it in the middle of your dining room, or you can use a lantern of creamy wax to have.

The Bathroom

Group them around the corner and keep the bathroom clean. Use bright colors to add a little style to the monochrome bath or combine the walls, relax in the bathtub with candlelight and keep things comfortable even in the dust of your home.


Create a light, keep flying flaws and make you extravagant! Use your creative ability to have outdoor fun (at the tables) and decorate with candles (sure, of course). Charming And do not forget the light bulbs with tealights!

The Bedroom

The best romantic touch (and sometimes sexy), the candles are most comfortable in the bedroom. Brighten them on a side table, window, or beautiful décolleté to create a warm, night-time glow. They add a bit of imaginative and old-fashioned appeal to the most modern, contemporary spaces.

The Lobby

And for the best reception, invite your guests with candles. Refreshing aroma and warm glow is the best way to say hello!

Living Room

During the film, on the wall, like a lamp or on each side and around the bathtub, the candles create warmth ... this is ideal for family celebrations. Hide them in the clamps or keep them naked and organic depending on the style of your room. And sometimes something is as simple as a candle fireplace the miracle of design.