Lamps & Decorations

Lamps and Decorations Ideas

Not only are lamps essential for a well lit room, but they also have a great impact on the overall picture of the house. Facilitate your space and improve your style with these tips for choosing the right floor and table lamps for your home.

The importance of lighting

Without proper lighting, the most modern space is not really complete. Each room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting and mood lighting, accent lighting and ample lighting. Table and floor lamps, which generally fall into the category of lighting, are particularly important because they play a functional and decorative role in your house. The size, shape and style should be considered when choosing a lamps to meet your lighting needs and decor.

Fill your facility

Imagine the lamp as part of the jewelry of a room. You must choose the right piece to complement the rest of the room. When choosing light bulbs, consider the first style you are in your home. Is it traditional? Modern Eclectic?

Stylish tones

While looking for a modern or contemporary look, think simple and easy when choosing light bulbs. At the moment of fashion, thin bases and a drum that resembles the shadow can add height and drama to the room without surpassing any further decoration.

Choose Shades with Flair

"If you have to add color or texture to the space, an interesting light adds only the incentive you're looking for." Look for a shade with a vigorous pattern, an interesting texture or decorative touches like balls or tip.

Coordinate components

By tying light shades to the base, the good rule of thumb to choose a shadow that mimics the shape of the lamp itself. If you have a square base, try a square or rectangular shadow. Round shading or blisters work well with a round or bulgy base, while the convex shadow fits well into a large, thin base.

Size It Up 

Like everything else in design, you want to be aware of the size. Make sure the lamp size is appropriate for your location. You do not want to put a massive lantern on a small table - not only will it look disproportionate, but it can beat or knock. Likewise, a very small light bulb becomes out of place in the large space. In terms of the scale of the lamp itself, the shadow should be half to three quarters of the size of the base and should hide the internal hardware of the lamp.

Translucent vs. Opaque

Another important factor in choosing a light bulb is the amount of light that you need from an accelerator lamp. Whether you want light to illuminate the whole room or to provide reading light, light shading is the best choice. However, if the lamp is strictly accentuated, try an opaque shade for a dramatic look.

Suitable for the task

In each room, care must be taken to ensure that the lighting you choose is sufficient for the tasks and activities you wish to perform there.